The tourist affluence to the Camagüey City´s Historical Center, it has experienced a considerable uptick in the last years. In consequence the “Oficina del Historiador de la Ciudad” in the county finds insufficient its informative and didactic current resources dedicated to the users or clients who visit some of the several historical and recreational centers of interest in town. Due to this, it became necessary to implement a proposal that it facilitates to provide in an efficient, dynamics, profitable and novel way information and knowledge to the city tourist. Dice these requirements, more the possibility to climb the benefits, UIC Camagüey, opted to offer as solution proposal an Augmented Reality (AR) application Clouding based implemented. In the proposal were used the historical, logical methods, the documental revision and the interviews with specialists and directive. Equally the methodology of Agile development of software Scrum was employed. Till this moment an increment in the level of attendance and permanency has been verified in the locals which have deployed this technology. Affecting positively the financial and quality indicators of the mentioned entity. We can conclude, therefore that the technology of AR, provides a tool that by the exploitation of its potentials about informative approach to the user or client, from a focus as much ludic as didactic or the combination of both, or merely informative it facilitates to the managerial sector to obtain an uptick in its financial and quality indicators.

Authors: Reynier Hernández Palacios, & Reynaldo Alonso Reyes

Universidad de Camagüey, Cuba

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