Member’s letter - January 30th, 2020, N°01

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Member’s letter

January 30th, 2020, N°01

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Dear researchers and collaborators of the Observatory of Industry 4.0 in Latin America (OI4.0):

Activities in 2020 have already started and we have a project, this OI4.0 Think Tank, to establish this network of people, companies and governments together to contribute with the best paths and shortcuts for I4.0 in Latin America.

So, we leave it open for anyone who wants to publish on the Blog at, we request to send an email to with the article and photo (jpeg). We will publish it with your name.


1. 1º Latin America Industry 4.0 Observatory Workshop: we are planning an event to happen in the 2° Semester of 2020 in Brazil, Brasília. Please send us your feelings about it.

2. Survey I4.0: when you open our web site (10 sec.) you will see a popup of a Survey that is running by the responsibility of the Research Group of Innovation, Projects and Processes (GPIPP/University of Brasília) from Prof Sanderson Barbalho research team just for Brazil an initially running on partnership with Federal District Industry Federation (FIBRA). We wish your help to improve it and spread it to whole Brazil and Latina America countries to better understand our LA industry in terms of some dimensions of Industry 4.0. An academic paper could be a goal of this research. For Brazilian partners, not only an effort to spread this survey to industry partners, but also the form itself can be open to be changed and customized to any purpose. So it can also be a common framework for other similar surveys. To Spanish countries, we are planning to have a meeting for discussing the customization for LA contexts and a full Spanish version.

3. I4.0 Government Official Documents: we please you to send us official government documents, reports and news about I4.0 in all LA countries. So, we can dispose it in our documents to everybody has access to it. Send it to

4. Web Conferences: improving our network and common projects. Our idea is to have the 1° Web Conference on March 11th 11h00 AM (GMT – 3h) .


We look forward to your contributions, documents, articles and ideas to contribute to everyone. Only with your help can we move forward with the I4.0 debate. Greetings,

MSc Sérgio Knorr Velho PhD Sanderson César Barbalho

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